Author and Fighter Pilot Gets His Wings at Track Night

What could driving a car on track and flying an F-16 fighter jet possibly have in common?  Probably more than you might think!  Just ask pilot and Spectre series author C.W. Lemoine.  He recently attended a Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event at NOLA Motorsports Park just outside New Orleans and made a pretty cool little video about the experience. So, we decided to reach out to him and get his thoughts on the experience.

Besides the “need for speed” connection between driving on track and piloting a fighter jet, C.W. -- or Mover, as he is also known -- said that using the building block approach to getting up to speed was important for his first outing on track.  In both instances, it is important to “ease into it, and explore the limits safely” as you set out for your first time on track. And he appreciated that Track Night in America utilizes such an approach, saying that “even if you’ve never been on track before, the program does a great job of helping you feel like you can step up and do it, all while feeling safe.” 

The other connection that Mover notes is situational awareness.  Whether you are piloting a million-dollar fighter jet, or driving on track with a bunch of other driving enthusiasts, staying situationally aware is important. From seeing the flags at the corner stations and spotting a car that has spun out, to noticing that guy behind you waiting patiently for a point-by, being observant on track is an integral part of not just you, but everyone having a great time and going home with a smile on their face.

Check out his video on by clicking this link! 

Also, if you are fan of military espionage/political thrillers, hit up his website at And if you’re a fan of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, check out the program’s schedule online and sign up for an event today!

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