Mazda Motorsports Looks at Track Night’s Growth

2018 was the fourth year of existence for Sports Car Club of America’s innovative Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack program.  Recently, Mazda Motorsports took a look at the Track Night program to discover how the initiative has developed over the years and what 2019 might look like.

“SCCA Track Night in America started as a way to get people cheap and easy track time,” begins the story at “Conducted usually on weekday afternoons and/or evenings, it was designed to be convenient and not require high levels of commitment. As a result, the program’s popularity has continued to grow.”

Next year, Track Night in America will look at minor refinements that further enhance the event experience.  Additionally, SCCA hopes to introduce many Track Night participants to the Club’s revamped Time Trials program, which is a “step above Track Night with a competition element,” states the article.

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Photo Credit: Daniel Cutrer

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