The family that stays together, plays together.

It's kind of strange, working with a group of people every day that you get to see only a couple times a year. The Track Night team is spread out throughout the country; D.C., Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, and California to name a few places. So while we occasionally see each other on the road at different Track Night events, the whole team rarely gets the chance to come together in one location. So when we do, we try our best make it count.

One of those opportunities was recently, while working the SCCA Runoffs in Sonoma, California. The team had the awesome privilege of getting together to bring a little of that Track Night Magic to the SCCA’s premier Road Racing event. We filled a wide variety of roles; social media, press releases, contingency, photography, partner relations, race announcers, and so on. And we had a blast doing it. And that’s because, while we may not all share the same backgrounds in Motorsports, we all love having fun- usually in, or even just around, cars. No matter what's on the agenda, we always find a way to bring everything back to the shared passion and playful spirit we all have in common.

And it’s because of that playful spirit, and rareness of getting the whole crew together, that when we had to choose, we passed on the typical hotel accommodations to share a house together. Of course, with our group, this ended up being equal parts middle school sleepover (bagel bites, cheesecake, staying up too late, and lots of laughter) and the best parts of living with your buddies in college (bagel bites, late night football re-watches, Top Gun, maybe an adult beverage or two, and lots more laughter). As the old saying goes, the family that plays together, stays together. Or, in this case, vice versa.

When Track Night started, most of us didn’t know each other all that well. Heck, many of us hadn't even met. But when we got together to make Track Night happen, the friendships came easily. And while we love putting people on track to do what they dream about doing, what we REALLY love doing is bringing people together to share that experience with each other, and in turn, create new and long lasting friendships. We love seeing that because that's exactly what we've experienced ourselves, as a team.

Gabriel P.


Jessica F.

I really like this story! It is great when your team becomes more than just a team, but a family! I have a similar feeling about the company I work for at the moment. Our team is very supportive and has common aims and views about what we do (we are writing and editing service - you can find more here, and we like to inspire and help others! Your story inspired me! Thanks for sharing!