Going Flatout against ALS

Scott and David Lloyd come by their love of cars honestly. Their grandfather, a mechanic during WWII, was the type of guy that could, from across a parking lot, hear a motor running and tell which cylinder had a valve out of adjustment. It was that level of passion for cars, and motors, that was passed down from their grandfather, through their dad and uncles, to them. And because of that passion, as kids, they had always dreamed of racing around the country, driving different tracks, and experiencing the thrill of speed. As they reached adulthood, however, life happened, and those childhood ambitions got put on the back burner. But in October of last year, after an ALS diagnosis, the brothers decided that it was time to make those dreams happen. It was time for them to go have #funwithcars together. And while that idea is noble enough, the brothers decided to make this about more than just running tracks with his brother. They decided to go flatout against ALS.

Already experiencing success doing a Walk-A-Thon, at which they helped raise $20K for the fight against ALS, the brothers decided to combine their passion for cars and their desire to help fund research to find a cure for ALS, and came up with the Lap-A-Thon idea.  Armed with a couple of Hennessy modified Chevy Camaros, they hit the track, attending their first SCCA Track Night in America event at Charlotte Motor Speedway under the Racing for ALS banner. That first event netted $650 toward their charity, the ALS Therapy Development Institute, a nonprofit biotech,  based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is “100% dedicated to ALS research”.  From reading their comments about the event on their Instagram page, RacingforAls, you can tell they had an amazing time running the track together, as they had dreamed about when they were kids.

Their next scheduled stops are Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina on August 21st, and Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania on August 28.  You can follow them as they go on their Facebook page, their Instagram page, and, if you would like to, donate to their cause by clicking here.

*photo credit: Scott Lloyd

Scott L.

Thanks for the opportunity that the SCCA provides via your track access programs, having this resource has impacted our lives greatly !! - #HorsepowerHeals