Covering your assets, when things go sideways.

Sometimes, despite the skill level of the driver or the capability of the car, things can go sideways. It is for this reason many people have often heard the response, "I won't track my daily driver. Can't risk it," when asking friends or co-workers if they want to join them at a Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event. And it was always a hard one to refute. For many years, going to the track meant suffering a lack of insurance, as most people's normal insurance stops when they hit the gate of a track. But that no longer has to be the case. Hagerty now has you covered with insurance if you have an unfortunate turn of events while on track.

We read of such an incident, experienced second hand, at a Track Night in America event recently. In a blog called "Robspace," Rob -- a 30-something software solutions architect, wrote about his experience at a Track Night in America event at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, Virginia. It was wet, and he did a great job of explaining why running a Track Night event in the wet is a great idea. But he also tells a story of how that didn't turn out so well for one of his fellow drivers. It's at that point that he mentions Hagerty. He goes on to explain that they offer track day insurance that covers you while at the race track. Rob wrote, "The interesting thing about your ‘daily’ insurance is that it stops working when you get to the track. In speaking with an insurance agent from Hagerty, your local insurance limits of liability either stop at the paddock (where you park and leave your stuff), or at the grid (where you line up to enter the track). Mine stops at the paddock, but only if I’m registered for the event (ie: my vehicle intends to compete). If I’m only there visiting, and something hits me/I hit somebody, then I’m still covered. With Hagerty’s track day coverage, you pick your limit, purchase online and have your policy instantly." Click here to read the rest of his blog of the event, his account of Hagerty and why it makes a great deal of sense to those of us that want to attend a track day but only have our daily driver to attend it with. Head on over to Hagerty's website and check out their HPDE & Trackday Insurance. It's a great way to have peace of mind when out having #funwithcars!