Thank you for being Excellent to each other!

If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram -- and we mean if you aren’t following us on the Gram @sccatracknight, you really should -- you might have noticed a sign in one of our posts that said, “Be excellent to each other.” It’s not just a must-know, pop-culture reference from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but it is also the most triumphant way to behave on track!

See, while we all love running better “times,” and bench racing with our friends after each session, all of that starts with being excellent to each other! What do we mean by that? It means spotting your fellow group-mates if they are behind you, and giving them a point by when safe to do so. Or, if you are the one doing the overtaking, only doing so after being given the point by and making sure it is safe to do so. Being excellent to each other is also making sure to pay attention to your corner workers, seeing what flags they are showing you, knowing what they mean, and responding to them. By the way, it is truly most excellent to wave to the corner workers as you go by, on both your out laps and your cool-down laps. They work hard, and love to know that you see them and totally appreciate them.

It is truly all of you being so excellent to each other that make Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events the righteous events they totally are! If it wasn’t for all of you being so totally awesome at heeding the instructions of your group coaches, and playing so well together, these events wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as they are. So, while we love all the “thank yous” people send us after attending a Track Night in America, we want to make sure that you know we applaud all of you, the people attending and doing the driving on track. It is all of you, being excellent to each other, that make these events totally triumphant !