Winning Wednesday, With a Twist

Some of you have noticed - and yes, it's true. We haven't posted a Winning Wednesday for a couple of weeks. 

With the truly terrible devastation roaming across the country in the form of two hurricanes, we wanted to do something that would, at least temporarily, make at least someone in the path feel better. 

So, working with our partners, we have rewarded two of our Track Night participants with prizes, as well as capped the season with our final random draw. Here goes! 

Gino Manley will be getting an Autopower Roll Bar for his Mazda3, after deciding to leave his Jacksonville home during Irma. Manley traveled 480 miles and into four different states to attend Track Night - NOLA. 

Admittedly, Desmond Au's dramatic travel was more of his own doing. He left his Winter Garden, Florida home and drove in, through and around Harvey to still make his appearance at Circuit of the Americas for the can't-miss Track Night there. For making that decision, he's going to snag a Black Armor Helmet. 

We know there were many, many more of you challenged in all types of ways by these storms, and we hope you are all safe and sound now. 

To top off the season long giveaways, Cheng-Hua Tsai, who attended Track Night - Seattle as a Novice, is going to get a set of Falken Tires from the random draw. 

A big, big thank you goes to all of our partners - Falken Tire, KONI Shocks, Black Armor Helmets and Autopower Roll Bars - for giving away merchandise all season long. 

And thank you for attending! Stay safe out there, both on and off the track! 

Joshua Brown

 Congratulations Gino!  What they left out is that your driving skills are top notch.  I rode behind you for several laps and I don't think I saw you touch the brakes more than twice.   You're the man!   You were squeezing every ounce of performance out of that 97 hp Mazda!