Track Night - Now Visiting Bigger Venues

You know about Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack (, but did you know that there are opportunities throughout the year to join in on the program at some of the premier tracks in the country?

This year alone, we’ve made special trips to Road Atlanta, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Circuit of the Americas – either in conjunction with larger events, or, in the case of Charlotte, with a plug from NASCAR on FOX broadcaster Mike Joy. While there, we’ve put on the full Track Night program for just $175 – a deal for an hour of track time at a premier track.

As if you needed another reason to keep an eye on this space or, this is it. These events tend to sell out even faster than a typical Track Night, so pay attention through 2018 for your chance to hit a legendary track near you!

Charles John Hutcheson

Is Watkins Glen on the schedule or even being considered? Thanks.

David B.

+1 on WGI.  I live a couple of hours away from the Glen, so going there would be a day off work.  Any of the other tracks call for a 2-3 day vacation.  That won't work.

Paul Nielsen

Did COTA this week and had a real blast!  Nothing like running your own car on the only F1 track in America.  Great Job SCCA!!!!