Black Armor Winning Wednesday

Pssst. Hey. You. Yeah, you. 

Look, it's time for some real talk. You're not going to be as cool as Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack instructor and Pirelli World Challenge racer Tom O'Gorman. The glasses, the hair, the Black Armor Helmet, the charm, the good looks... that's a once in a lifetime package. That's keeping it 100, as someone as cool as Tom would say. 

But - BUT! Don't fret. Because what you can do is wear the helmet that he does! And, because it's Winning Wednesday here at, Kai Chan is getting a free Black Armor Helmet, just for signing up for Track Night Boston! Seriously, that's all he did - and now, with some blue shades, he'll be halfway to full O'Gorman. 

Next week, we'll be giving away KONI Shocks to improve your on-track performance. 

So how do you get in the drawing? Just register for Track Night in America for a chance to win all summer long. Get the full rules and prize list by clicking here!