Mazda Motorsports Helps You Prepare for SCCA's Track Night in America

Mazda's factory race car drivers Andrew Carbonell and Liam Dwyer guide you in your preparations for your first Track Night experience. Learn what you need to know to ensure you have a great time taking your road car onto a race track near you.

Track Night in America (TNiA) allows you to bring your road car to a race track near you. You’ll have fun learning track etiquette and how to drive safely on a race track. TNiA offers novice, intermediate, and advanced run groups, so you can always find the right group for your experience level. By participating in one TNiA event in a Mazda, you’re eligible to join the Mazda Motorsports Team Support Program, which offers significant discounts on stock and competition racing parts, technical support and more. Be sure to join the Mazda Motorsports program today!