Q: Do I Autocross or Hit the Track?  A: Do Both!

Here at the SCCA Track Night in America clubhouse, we get a lot of questions. For the record, we staunchly believe there are no dumb questions. So for driving enthusiasts asking if they should use their cars for autocross or a track event, our answer is: “That’s a stupid question!” (NOTE: Never said there weren’t stupid questions.)

Autocross “OR” take your car to the track? What kind of a question is that!? Do you choose between BBQ ribs “or” BBQ brisket? No, you get both. Potato salad “or” coleslaw? C’mon, man … BOTH! Can I get some cake and eat it too? Heck yeah you can! In America, we don’t pick this “or” that. We do it all, dangnabbit! And that goes double for driving adventures!

Don’t believe us? Perhaps Mindi, a talented 42-year-old with two SCCA National Solo Championships, would be more convincing. She recently participated in an SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event. It was her first time on a real racecourse, and she used her autocross chariot which also serves as her mode of everyday transportation.

“I’m a longtime racing fan, and I’ve autocrossed since 1999. But I’d never been on an open track,” Mindi said. “SCCA Track Night in America was the perfect opportunity for me to have an adventure and become a little more comfortable with experiencing higher speeds in my car, which I hope will make me a faster autocrosser.”

“I was apprehensive at first on the track. It was a totally different experience from autocross. But as sessions went on, I figured things out and got a lot more comfortable,” Mindi recounted. “I learned to carry a lot more speed at certain places, and found where I could brake later for corners. I’d never been comfortable ‘catching’ a car at speed. So for me, SCCA Track Night in America was a great opportunity to practice my car control. Plus, it was a blast; just really, really fun.”

Autocrosses happen on weekends. SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events take place on weekdays at nearly 20 race circuits across the country each month. No need to pick autocross “or” track time. You can do both in the same week! That’s America! … and SCCA Track Night in America.

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