COVID-19 Considerations

Just like your safety on track has always been our highest priority here at Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, with COVID-19 in the world, we're taking your safety in the paddock just as seriously. We have implemented some procedures to make sure that our participants and staff are as safe as possible at our events.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate, but it is all of our responsibility to ensure that we hold this event in a manner that allows everyone who attends to feel comfortable on and off the track.


Here are some things you can do to ensure we have a successful event:

  1. Wear a Mask Anytime You're Outside of Your Car or Parking Space - if you have been to a Track Night in the past, you have likely heard us talk about Track Night participants being on the “same team,” – which means we are all here to enjoy motorsports. We will be most successful if we work together to make sure everyone has a chance to do so. COVID-19 does not change this mentality. It is now more important than ever. We understand that not everyone may be concerned about the risk; we understand that some may not feel they need to wear a mask, however, we ask that you be mindful that your fellow track mates may have differing opinions and needs. Please help us to maximize everyone’s comfort by wearing a mask any time you are out of your car or personal parking space (more on this in point 5).
  2. Bring what you need - typically, we bring things like water and pens, and we often see folks borrowing tools and things in the paddock. Please do not count on this at this event. Bring your own pen to sign the waiver and your own water as we will not be providing water or have a cooler on hand for everyone's use. Print out and bring your completed tech sheet. 
  3. Help us to reduce contact - under normal circumstances, Track Night is a great time to bring friends and family to the track. For this one, however, we would ask that you do what you can to help us reduce the headcount on the property during the event. No spectators, please. 
  4. Assess yourself - if you are not feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks or who has tested positive, please stay home. Our typical cancellation policy will not apply to this event if this applies to you. If you or anyone you have been in contact with are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please contact Jack Track (
  5. Take this seriously (for everyone else) - while on-site please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers, and staff into consideration and practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands, and/or use hand sanitizer frequently. All attendees and staff will be required to wear a face-covering (mask, bandana, balaclava, etc.) any time they are outside of their own vehicle and personal parking space. To maximize your comfort during the event, we request that you please bring your own face covering. If you have your own hand sanitizer, please bring it as well and use it frequently.

Arrive Early and Choose Your Own Drivers Meeting Time: 
To limit a rush at check-in and allow for smaller group sizes during drivers meetings at our larger events, we are opening the gates earlier than usual and adding more opportunities for you to go to your drivers meeting.
Please make it to the track early enough to allow plenty of time for you to get checked-in. Check out the schedule on the event page to see when to arrive and when your meeting opportunities are, so you can plan accordingly. Intermediate and Advanced drivers, you only have to go to one, so pick the one that works best for you. KONI Novice Experience drivers, you need to go to one of the Participant Briefings and the Novice briefings listed on the schedule. 

Check-In: Many of our check-in steps are similar to what they were pre-COVID, but we've made some adjustments to ensure everyone's safety. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of what you can expect when you get to the track and check-in.

  1. Hand Sanitizer - We will have hand sanitizer at the check-in area. Before you touch anything, please use it. 
  2. Sign the Waiver - You'll need to sign our printed waiver, and for this, we highly recommend that you bring your own pen. 
  3. Show your Drivers License - We just need to do a visual check of this as we check you into the system. 
  4. Pick up your packet - Inside you'll find helpful info about the event and our partners as well as a copy of our tech sheet if you haven't already printed one out and completed it. Your group wristband will also be inside. Make sure to take it out and put it on your left wrist. 
  5. Helmet Check - If your helmet doesn't already have a Track Night 2020 helmet sticker, we'll need to visually check its safety certification rating, so bring it with you to check-in. Here is a list of all of our approved helmet certifications. The certification sticker may be tricky to find under the padding inside your helmet, so it's a good idea to find it before you get to the event so it's easy to show it to us. Pro-Tip: In many helmets, the sticker can be found under the flap of padding that usually sits above and behind your right ear. 
  6. Tech - We will be collecting tech sheets on-site, and your check-in process will be much faster if you have already printed your tech sheet, which you can find here, and filled it out before the event. Make sure that you've completed the form and signed it before you hand it in. You'll receive a tech sticker to be placed on the upper right-hand corner of your windshield.
  7. All Done - Once you've got your wristband, helmet sticker, and tech sticker, you should be all set!