Track Night in America is the fastest way to get on track, but hold up just a moment. You should not assume that your standard auto insurance covers you for these events. The majority of auto insurers exclude events that take place “on a surface used for racing” from their coverage. This is why SCCA has partnered with Lockton Motorsports.

Lockton Motorsports offers affordable insurance coverage to SCCA members participating in Track Night in America events. SCCA’s excellent safety record—along with the relatively short duration of Track Night in America events—means you can get a significant discount for a single-event policy compared to regular HPDE events.

Find a schedule of upcoming Track Night in America events on the Lockton Motorsports Events page. Search for SCCA Track Night in America and select your event to begin the quick online application and purchase process.


What’s Covered

  • Damage to your car when you’re participating in a Track Night in America event.

  • Insurance coverage begins when you enter the grounds of a race course and covers your vehicle until you leave.

  • Does NOT include liability insurance coverage.

Single SCCA Track Night in America Event — Buy Now



Got Questions? Here are some answers:

My insurance agent told me that I am covered for HPDE events like Track Night in America. Why do I need this policy?

Over the past decade, almost all auto insurers have revised the language in their policy terms to completely exclude coverage for High Performance Driver's Education. Unless your agent has assured you of this coverage since you last renewed, we suggested that you read the terms of your current policy and get in touch with your agent to be sure your policy really does cover these events.

I’m sharing my car with someone I know for Track Night in America. Will he or she be covered?

Yes, you may list one driver in addition to yourself at no extra charge. To ensure that they are covered, you must list the other driver’s name on the application. Only the two drivers listed on the application will be covered for the event. Right now, we are not able to offer coverage for more than two drivers at a Track Night in America.

What does this policy cover?

This insurance policy covers physical damage for your vehicle while you are participating in a Track Night in America event. The coverage starts when you enter the race course grounds and ends when you leave the facility. Liability coverage is not included in this policy. Any participant who has had more than one claim with Lockton Motorsports within a 3-year period is not eligible to purchase this coverage.

What happens if my Track Night in America event is cancelled or I can’t attend?

If the event for which you purchased coverage gets cancelled or you are unable to attend, you can get a refund of your premium (minus administration fees). To begin the refund process, get a signed statement from the event organizer and contact Lockton Motorsports once you have it. We’ll take care of the refund from there. If you can’t get a signed statement from the event organizer confirming that the event was cancelled or you were unable to attend, Lockton Motorsports will be unable refund your premium.

Will my car be covered while my instructor is driving it?

Yes, this policy provides coverage while an official Track Night in America instructor is driving your vehicle.

What are my payment options?

Our online application takes MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Please see the application for payment options.